Check if folder already exists and include file in folder

How do I check if a folder exists to include files in that folder?

I would like to know how do I make the robot check if a folder already exists and include more files in it, if not, it continues with the execution of the robot.

The robot performs the downloads that by default the files are saved in compressed folders and I extract these files and rename the folder with the name of the variable.

I want that every time I run the robot, it checks that the folder already exists and just includes the files.

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Use Path Exists Activity and provide that required folder path you want to check. If it exists then it will give output as True else False.

@vinicius.botelho You can use Dir.Extsts(“folder name”) in if condition and Then use Dir.GetFiles(“folder name”) to get all the files into array. Loop over array and loop item will be the filepath e.g. zip file path.

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This video will help you to resolve your query.