Check if filename contains a specific word

Hi, I have only been using the program for a short time.
I want to build an automation with StuidoX where there are many files in a folder and the automation has to repeat the same step for every Excel file. But if the File name contains “xxx” than it should not just do Step1 but also Step2.
I thought of using the For each file in folder to get the information but I am not sure how to use it correctly.
Then I thought of using the If activity to do Step2 if the name contains “xxx”.
Can someone help me?


Can u try this if Condition with condition as


Hi @lena1 - Are you looking something like this?

Yes! How can I enter this condition?

Hi @lena1

  1. on the If activity…Hit the plus sign and choose condition builder.
  2. Inside , choose the first plus sign and hover your mouse to currentfile you will see this option

  1. Choose dropdown for contains
  2. Hit the last plus signa and choose text, and type your xxx
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Thanks a lot!

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