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Need some help, i am filling out a form on some software, when a field is filled out it makes another field become available, however this doesn’t always happen due to a software glitch so you have to go back and refill that form until the field below it becomes available, what can i use to do to make the bot check if the field has become available? and if it hasn’t go back and repeat until it is.



You can check the element exists after the type Into

But it would be better if you provide more screens explaining your problem


Please see the first two fields i can type into, these need to be filled then the menus below become interactive however due to the scenario i posted above they dont always become interactive so i have to refill until they are


You can use Get Attributes activity and check the element is active or not

Check the selector or both active and disabled element

Hope this helps you


thanks, forgot about that acitivty, worked great, just need to figure out how to make it loop until state is what i need it to be which is ‘available’



For loop you can check as below

As below you can make that loop

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try catch on the activity that inputs the hidden field, when the error is generated, have it redo the previous form entry when the error is triggered

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