Check if Excel cell is bold / If done loading

Hi everyone,
I have i simple, but maybe slightly complicated problem.

One of my robots uses an autogenerated Excel file from Lutus Notes to get som data. But it take some time for the Excel-file to be fully genereted.

When the loading are done, the headers turns bold, and now the Excel document are done loading. But is there some way for me to check when this is happening?

Right now i have just put a 2 minutes delay one the robot, when the file opens - which aren’t an optimal solution.

Hi! you may try to use next steps(see my meta code below):

trigger = false
While "trigger == false"
   Get Your excel row and return "bold or not bold" (use VBA or C# for this task)
   If "bold" == true Then
      trigger = true
     wait = 10 sec
  End if 
End While

can you show an example please?

hi! now I think my answer above is not good.
We may try to use check IsFileLocked for this task.
For solving this, see to file state.
some example here