Check if data exists and refresh pivot table


I created an automation which is to refresh the monthly reports and send them automatically to different recipients.
The problem I have is that in some cases the pivot table needs to be refreshed and in some other it doesn’t because there is no data. The pivot source is a hidden sheet which either contains data or it says “No applicable data” which information is automatically shown from the system.
I did not find a possibility to put an if condition to check if the underlying datasource contains data or not.

Furthermore the pivot should only be refreshed if the sheet “Pivot” is existent in this report (because some do not contain the sheet with the pivot table). I solved this by using a “For each Excel sheet” with an IF condition that checks whether the name of the sheet is “Pivot”.

Another question I have is whether it is possible to open another sheet in Excel after updating the pivot table except for a “click” activity. Otherwise, the Excel is saved and this last opened sheet is displayed first.

Thank you already in advance!