Check if Browser is Opened to a Specific URL

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May I know how to check if browser is open to a specific URL?
I’m trying to automate a process that requires a webpage to be opened.



To open a url you can use open browser and give the url…

If you want to check if already its open …you can use element exists/check app state activity to check if the page is open…you can use the page url

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Hi @altp123,

Alternate way-

  1. Use the “Get Process” activity to get a list of all currently running processes.
  2. Use a “For Each” loop to iterate through each process in the list.
  3. Use an “If” statement to check if the process name is a browser (e.g. chrome.exe, iexplore.exe, msedge.exe).
  4. If the process is a browser, use the “Get Attribute” activity to get the URL of the currently open tab.
  5. Use another “If” statement to check if the URL matches the specific URL you are looking for.

Thank You Anil_G!!!

Thank You Abhimanyu_Thite1 !!!

Hello All,

If my automation is currently at a certain webpage from “use application/browser”, how do I get the process ID?

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