Check if a value in a datatable matches with another datatable and put a value if it does

Hello, I’m trying to do this, I have an excel of mapping data that I need to check if each row in another data table match with a name and if It match then add a value in a cell.

(Lets call this image the mapping table)
This is the data that I need to read and if the string in C match with this other table

(this is the value table)

example - blank - Net Local Cash Sales
example2 - blank - Net Local Barter Sales
example3 - blank - Tax
example4 - blank - Revenue

sorry can’t add another image as I’m a new user, but lets say that that is 3 columns and 3 rows. and I need to compare the third column with the table on top.

Then add the value in A column on the mapping table to the value table.

the mapping is about 100 I can’t do anything small or easy like if for each value or flow decision.
the datatable that needs to compare is around 50 rows both have a column that WILL have a value that match in both data tables.

How can i do this?

I had an idea of making an dictionary and put the key as string and a value as object (like on the Robotic Enterprise Framework) and in the table of values (the second in the picture) loop with for each row and verify if a key match with the current row then add the value of the dictionary that match with the key, but I don’t know how to do this or even if its posible. I’m open for suggestions i’m lost on this part.

thanks for the help, I hope I explained what I need to do. :tired_face:


You are trying to impliment vlookup in uipath?

Great news for you…vlookup activity is already present in uipath. Just pass necessary inputs and have desired output…

If you need further help please let me know…

And yes, there is code available also…but i would suggest to use vlookup activity instead for simplicity.

Can you send me a guide on how to or something and thanks I will look into that as well, but if you have something that will guide me a bit more on how to use that on my case will be great help.


Will send that to you in message.


Please find the attached file. (29.7 KB)


@rahatadi I’m having trouble understand that, what parts of the workflow should i add on mine? I edited already all of the ones that are connected to the start but when it exist the for each row it doesn’t write anything on the dtinput. and on debugging the row index always shows -1.


please share your input file and desired output.



@rahatadi sended you a quick example on your email, thanks for the help again.

This was solved, thanks @rahatadi.

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