Check if a given time lies between two times regardless of date

hi there, I have timespans:
I want to filter datatable, check if column2(B) “string” values lies between 08:30:00 and 17:30:00
How to filter this datatable? Do you have any idea?
Thanks in advance

Hey Zehra, if your Excel times are formatted as Date/Time in Excel, it can be a little tricky. I just made a video tutorial about your exact post (what else to do on a saturday night :grin:) Let me know, if that solves your question.


Hi @AndersJensen, you are great, I have already subscribed your youtube channel thank you so much for your reply and also this great video.

But I want to ask one more question.

Is it possible to get new datatable with one single select querry(for example convert string row(1) to timespan and also two timespan values variable1: 08:30:00 and variable2: 17.30:100: ;< row(1) and row(1)<var2)) because this for each row took almost ten minutes (8000 row in one excel sheet)

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Haha yes, For Each Row in the UI can be a pain, when dealing with large datasets. You gotta use LINQ then and I will try to make a tutorial, when I got time.

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