Check if a folder exists. if no, send alter Email

Hi All,

I need to check if a folder exists or not. If the folder missed, send an Alter Email.

I actually know how to build an Email but no idea how to combine these 2 together. Check and send the Email.

Can anyone let me know how to do it. thx

U can use Path Exist Activity for checking folder exist and then
In if condition Use Send Mail Activity

hi Pratham,

Thanks you for your reply. here is my workflow but it didn’t send the email and create that folder under condition of false.

I do add “\slash” at the end of path.

Hi @mason_wong,

DestnationFolder=True it will go Then block if you are putting false it will execute else block

Omkar P

oh i see. many thx

Make changes in condition

yes yes. I solved it. thx Pratham

Great !
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Happy Automation!

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