Check if a file was drop and execute every file on the process


i need to Check if a excel file was drop in a folder and execute every file on the process one by one

Hi @Soudios ,
Have you tried file exist activity?
for each file in folder


I assume I have a list of filepath
Then pass it to a for each loop and inside that use a PATH EXISTS activity and pass the filepath of the excel you want to check
It gives you boolean value as output

Pass that to IF condition and perform as per your need

Cheers @Soudios

i don’t have a list, if there is an excel file in the folder than it needs to run the process

You can’t trigger a Job to start when a file is dropped into a folder.

this is the solution :

You don’t need the ExcelList variable. You can just put the Directory.GetFiles expression directly into “List of items” for the For Each. Or you can just use For Each File in Folder and you don’t have to do any of that.

Also you don’t need that If. If there are no items returned by Directory.GetFiles then the For Each runs 0 times.

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