Check handwritten signature in a PDF file

Hi, I would like to check if there is or there isn’t a signature in every line in this PDF file.
I need to know if there’s a signature or a white space.
I’m struggling to do it, i tried Image Exists but had no success.
Any help?

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@Leandro - looks like this is what you are looking for: Computer Vision | Microsoft Azure

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@Leandro - also found this:

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Hi @Leandro

Check this post of a similar question.


You would have to get X and Y coordinates for each line, then loop through the page by incrementing the Y coordinate just enough to get to the next line.
To make it robust, you might also want to do nested loops:
X=10, Y=10

while (counterY<20 (or end of image Y coordinate))
    while (counterX<3)
        CheckPixalColor for X,Y
    end while

    counterY=counterY+20 (or how ever you have to add to get to the next line)
end while
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Thanks @rmunro - interesting!

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If you need that for every line, then it can be tricky, but if you only need to know that ANY line is empty, then a image exists like this could work:

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@bcorrea - looks like it is for every line. But I like your idea - can search for that image in each line.
So, instead of grabbing the whole page as one image, the bot grabs each line (clipping areas) and then search for the white image.

Using image recognition on the signature area itself could work, assuming that line can be recognized by the image recognition accurately.

Another way, which I think I have posted in the past and possibly linked above, would be to find a consistent image near the signaures, then Set the clipping region around each signature area for each line. Then, you can use OCR to translate it to characters which you can compare with characters that identify a bad signature, like {“,”,“.”,“/”,“”} and so on.


Thanks everyone for your advices, I have solved it using the Get OCR Text activity.


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