Check from one robot if anther robot is working


Is there any activity or any other way that would allow me to check from one robot if another robot is busy?


This is my suggestion, But Iam not sure

You can achieve by using Get jobs Activity, there you have to give the filter like below$filter=‘Busy’”. It will return the List of jobs.

After that you can check your respective bot is there in that list or not.




I tried the ‘Get Jobs’ activity (thanks for the tip), but I keep getting an exception error

Find attached example Main.xaml (6.3 KB)



Is your bot Connected to Orchestrator.




Refer this It might help you



yes, it is connected to Orchestrator. I can see from the orchestrator the jobs running/stopped as per example below


I looked at this link already and this is what I tried to use.

in the attachment the process fails with the error exeption in the ‘Get jobs’ activity. Am I missing any setting there that might cause this error. Why am I getting a ‘Forbidden’ error. What is Forbidden?
Main.xaml (5.9 KB)


The robot role needs to have the right access, so update the role Robot and the forbidden error is gone.