Check for specific files in a folder

Hey guys,

I wanna check if specific files are present in a specified folder.
If present it should continue else a invalid message to be thrown.

In this example, (12.2 KB) I wanna check if COM and Valid files are present in the test folder.


Assign a Variable for get the files type array of string, and in value put
Directory.GetFiles(“Put_Path_Here”), next use a for each loop, of type string, and iterate the variable, inside for each put a if condition comparing the names you want with the value iterated.

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Hi @NiranjanKN

I have created workflow based on your requirement please check and run you will get the what you are expected solution. Before run this workflow in Assign activity change the path where you save the Test folder. (30.5 KB)

Kommi Jeevan.

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