Check for repeating mail ids


i want to create a sequence to check if mail ids are repeating . once certain process is created for a couple of mail ids . What should be my approach ?

Hi @Dharani_Rrr :wave:

Could you be a bit more specific like what is your type of input? A table or a list?

In the process mail have been sent to few Ppl . i want to keep a repository bot log action . then bot should go check if same mail has been sent twice to the same person, also if one person has multiple ids.

Is it possible that you can find the duplicate IDs first and then send the email? This would be much simpler to do than extracting the list of sent emails and verifying it.

If this sounds okay, here’s what you can do:

  1. Store the list of emails in a list or read it from an Excel
  2. Check for duplicates and if it exists, remove it right away
  3. Use the required email activity to send emails

Try this and let me know if you are facing any issues.

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