Check for New file in folders

I have two main different folders and it consists different sub folders… I would like to check for new files in every sub folder and in main folder… if new file exists in any of the sub folder I want to copy that files into another folders and sub folders. My sub folders are dynamic one and it should change frequently… can any one help me out on the same.

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Hi Gokul!

I think there is no way to dynamically check for new files in a folder.
You can just create an infinite loop or schedule a process.

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there are many ways to achieve this .

there is a class called as : FileSystemWatcher Class

which monitors the folder for file change

you can use powershell/ and windows task Scheduler to achieve your requirement.

@Jan_Brian_Despi There is a custom activity called File Watcher Use this custom activity so you can achieve what you are looking for


Good to hear that. Thank, Indra!

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Check this out

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Use File Change Trigger within Monitor Events.


But that will impact the bot utilization right.
bot will be continuously looking into a particular folder and will be occupied throughout the course.

How likely do you recommend the windows task scheduler

For how long or how often you want to run the monitoring, is another question.
But to monitor such changes, you can use File Change Trigger within Monitor Events activity.

Hi Guyz… thank you for your response.

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