Check for a specific word into an application

There is any way that I can make a flow that runs endlessly and checks for a specific word into an application? Thanks!

specific word into??
do you want to search for specific word in an application?
or in an document??

Into an application… there is an application called HP Service Manager.

so you want to type a specific word into that application!

No, I need to search if a specific word is written in that application…

which application it is??

@Ionut_Frincu You can use “Element Exists” Activity which returns a boolean value. Then use if condition to do rest of the stuff you intended to do.

Hi @Ionut_Frincu

If the text is appearing at a fixed position then use get text on that position and read that

Hope this helps


What if it the position is not fixed…?

well you can use element exist activity and anchorbase activity to get that particular text!

@Ionut_Frincu Are you trying to extract specific words from the application or you want to check whether it’s available or not?

Well I have an ticketing application called HP Service Manager, and I want to auto close some tickets that their title contains a specific word…

good then
you can use element exist activity and get output like Conditioncheck
and use if condition and pass ConditionCheck
then use click button to close the tickets!

@Ionut_Frincu You can use both “Element Exist” or “Get Text” activity to accomplish it.
For example, if you use the “Element Exist” activity then create a variable to store the result of “Element Exist” then use the if the condition.
or Use the “Get Text” activity to do the same thing mentioned above.

And I can do this on all over application?



You can use “Element Exist” or “Get Text” activity to accomplish it in an while loop where condition 'word found’can be set to exit endless loop