Check field cursor is currently in for any string

Hi All,

I’m struggling to figure out how to see IF there is any string in the field that the cursor is currently in.

I have to use cursor field as there isnt a set location, there is a list of X number of rows, the row could be in any postion in the view range.

Once a number has been selected, using tab to get into the second column, so need to know IF the second column has a value inside it. As the string could be anything I cant use if text exists (I dont think) as i dont know what could be inside it, only matters if any value.

Any ideas?

Hi @MoDCore,
Just wondering - could you use “Get Text” activity for your second column and base the further action on IF the output of Get text is equal or different from empty - e.g. see the below thread for some ideas

Your condition may be as simple as IF output = “”

This seems it works when you know the field location, i cant indicate the element on the screen as it cant figure out which row the cursor is in.

I could get the cursor into the field i need, then ctrl+A - ctrl+c and see if the pasted result has a LEN