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I want check message box appear or not, after 5s not appear will continue. But fact, if box disappear it will error as pic.

Hello @anh.nguyen

You can use check app state or element exists activity and check the existence of the element. Then use that in if condition.
If present click on the element else continue

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you can see the picture I used Check app state but problem if box disappear it still into “Target appears” ? so make not correct

Hi @anh.nguyen,

No, in this usage, it waits for that window to come for the time you specify, in case it does not come, else falls into the condition. Try it if you want, let us know if you have problems and we’ll help.


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Can you guide me to use if with Check App State ?

Of course @anh.nguyen , I’ve shared a screenshot here as the first case and the last case.

In the first case;

1-First of all, you need to introduce the screen you want to wait for. In the Wait field, specify how long you want it to wait.

2- The first case is the case where this selector comes. For example, if you are expecting a pop-up, you can define a click on this field to close that pop-up.

3-The second case is that this popup does not appear. If there is no field that you need to close, the process will continue from here.

You can see these fields filled in the image below.

I hope that will be useful.

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Thank you, as 1st post i did as you guide.

  1. Check mess box appear in 5s
  2. Box appears will close box
  3. Box disappears will continue
    But fact if box disappears (no box) it still into “Target Appears” ?

There may be a problem with the selectors here. Although the popup is open, the click activity is not working correctly, is it? Is it able to see the selection when you pause the project and higligh it?

it may be selector error or i would try switching to the tradition element exits activity. I have found element exists is more stable and reliable that check app state

Thank all,

I think this is image box, i have to use Image Exists, it run oki

Or just set ‘ContinueOnError’ property to True and Timeout to 5000 ms. That might work for your requirement

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