Check element exist

Hi I am using element exist as mention in screenshot. This element not even exist result show true in this case need to show false.But both the case popup will same only change in text. element exist activity read text or not…??

@Aditya10989 can you share the screenshot of element exist selector.and one more thing does the selector contains aaname attribute plz check

@venkatmalla6 thanks for reply not aanme not contain

@Aditya10989 yeah that is the reason it’s not uiexplore and indicate that element and add aaname attribute and check

I am new on this did’t understand how to achieve

@Aditya10989 in the ribbon plane

just click that in that click that indicate element and indicate the element which you used in element exist activity once you clicked that it will show you the selector and at upper right side you will find some attributes in that add aaname attribute and save and try.

yes I try this will select all and I am not getting value aaname as mention in screen shot this is selector value


have a look at this.

@Aditya10989 did that worked buddy.

no I am not getting value in aaname

@Aditya10989 can you show the screen shot of selector in Uiexplore once you indicated the element.

@venkatmalla6 yes I am only able to select full div not text

and this is my selectUntitled or

@Aditya10989 as i see you were able to indicate the claim payment element right,it must generate the selector with some attributes,were you able to find the aaname attribute or not.

aaname I only found when I click on Claim payment but pop up also have claim payment only inside text is different and I need to apply the condition on inside text

@Aditya10989 so you mean to say the aaname contains only claim payment right.


@Aditya10989 try to indicate the entire image of claim element and check once whether it it working or not.

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