Check duplicate items before adding to Queue

Hi, I have to check for duplicacy of item before adding to a queue in Orchestrator using Select query.

Could you pls respond at the earliest.

You can use Get Queue Items - you would then loop through each queue item to check for any duplicates based on whatever criteria you have.

I have used get queue items. I am trying to use a condition in Select statement based on Status and ID

But I am unable to pass the argument in select

Depending on how many queue items you expect to pull back - you could use a parallel.foreach (using TypeArgument property - “QueueItem”) to go through the items to look for a match?

With an if statement (in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Status”).Equals(“X”) AndALSOin_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“ID”).Equals(“Y”)) and in the true route use a break.

could you pls give an example on how to loop through. It would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance

  • Get Queue Items - queueItems

  • For Each Activity ( Foreach item in queueitems / using TypeArgument property - “UiPath.Core.QueueItem”)

  • If statement (item.SpecificContent(“Status”).Equals(“X”) AndAlso item.SpecificContent(“ID”).Equals(“Y”)

    • True - Break
    • False - Nothing
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