Check document number in 3 sheets of workbook and update status as found or not found

Hi Guys,

I am really badly stuck here where i want to check document number from sheet A into another sheets “B”,“C”,“D” and have to update status column of sheet A as “Found” or “Not Found”.

Thanks in advance.

What do you have so far? please upload your workflow

Hi @amruta_pawar ,

Can you please help us wat document number and how are you fetching it??

If possible please share the excel file!!

Hi @amruta_pawar

The Amin logic u can apply is loop through sheet A and lookup the values in sheet A in Sheet B, C etc… Then Accordingly if the value is obtained then update the cell corresponding to the sheet A as Found or Not Found

It would be better if h paste of screenshot of excel u want to perform the operation.


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Hi @amruta_pawar

As the previous post suggests you can loop the sheets. But if you can share few more details about your problem that would be good.

What is your input and do you have any column to check

You can check below to check the string is present

Hope this helps you