Check database change

How can i check a change in my database

Hi @Tapiwa

We can use database Activities like execute query and run the query where we will getting an output of datatable named outdt
Value we can check the change in the number of rows in the table in database
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thanks @Palaniyappan
It will count the number of rows in the database. Which condition can i have for my bot to check every 2 mins in my database


To continually have it check every 2 minutes, you can surround Palaniyappan’s activity with a While activity with the condition set to true, the last activity in the while loop would be a ‘Delay’ activity set to 2 minutes.

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okay… soo when it processes the last activity it will wait for the 2 mins(delay) then checks again and soo on and soo on



thanks @Palaniyappan and @nlee1131


No problem, if these solved your issue kindly mark one as the solution.

Well I would like to suggest you one thing on this…

– use a assign Activity with a timestamp till next day like this
In_datetime = now
Where in_datetime is a variable of type Datetime
–Use a while loop and a condition like this
Which means the loop will run every hour or min we want to run with a gap between till the next day (even that day limit can be changed)
–inside this use a execute query with query that fetch all the records from a table from database and output would be a datatable named outdt
–use write line Activity with this
–use delay option with this value in time property
This will till one hour and again the while loop will run again and again

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Kindly try and let know for any queries buddy
Cheers @Tapiwa

Did that work buddy @Tapiwa

@Palaniyappan its working properly. Non stopping. Just a few changes. In_datetime<Now.AddDay(1) and In_datetime>Now.AddDays(1) otherwise everything is perfect.

Thanks Buddy

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Cheers @Tapiwa

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