Check data in file excel?

I have file config as below.


I want to read data in column APPLAN for read row4 in sheet name that start name with CONFIG row


I want to find value in every sheet and write sheet name in column50(Type Config —> Follow column in file config)

Please guide me about it.
config.xlsx (8.8 KB)
Input.xlsx (8.1 MB)

Please guide me about this case.


We have 3 files. Config file, master file and input file.

  1. Read the config file to get searchElement list column and output column (column name/index)
  2. Use get workbook sheets activity to get all sheet names in input file.
    3.Use for loop and read all sheets and add datatable to dictionary of type Dictionary(Of string, Datatable) along with sheet name as key
  3. Read master sheet
  4. Use For each loop to read searchElement. Inside loop check if SearchElement is present in Dict values (table1, table2…etc)
  5. If SearcElement is present, get the Dict Key and update it to result column in master sheet
  6. use break activity to check next seachElelemt in tables


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