Check Cells + Confirm Today's Date

  • Validation or condition
    • Starting from Row 16
    • Process stops when data in Column A is blank
    • Check if data is available in row O
      • If blank, go to next row
      • If date, Copy/Store data from Column E

This is the Excel sheet I’m working on. However I’m stuck on this progress


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Check as below for your reference

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Thank you for your reply. I just need to just if the cell A is empty or not don’t need to fill it. Then need to the next Col O and check the same if both are filled and date match in Col O then I need to copy the information from Col E and it continues until the Robot finds a cell from col A empty.

The Robot should start from Col A 16

Check Col A if is null - break if not cont to Col O
Check Col O if is null - break if not cont Col E
Check Col E if is null - break if not copy batch number in an array list – if it’s the same number we skip the row