Check Box Status

I have check box in web Page , I want to select the check box based on the status of the check box. if its checked, nothing else I have to check the box.
I have aastate in property but that is always showing enabled irrespective of the check box status ,

Hi @tejach412,

use Get Attribute with “checked”


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I didnt get find find checked property in my selector

that’s ok, there are hidden attributes also @tejach412, just check it with GetAttribite activity, indicate the checkBox, Attribute —> “checked” and output var (bool1) should be type boolean.
Then, use msgBox with that var —> bool1.ToString

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I got this error bro

This error msg is related to loading of webpage. many are getting this error while using Get Attribute activity, you might resolve this by using delay before getAttribute. Or using it on another browser.

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