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No worries buddy,
Then may i know what was the error you were facing with the workflow buddy

So when I run the XAMl file .
At the message box(Outelement) it will display some value i need to check value in the service area box and check that check box and uncheck the previous checked box.

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NO buddy messagebox will take and give only string type of value, where the outelement is of type UIElement, so kindly remove that message box and run buddy that would work

Cheers @shashank_dullu

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Okay Buddy .

I have removed the Message Box . if you refer my update Xaml file.
Now the thing is when i am running the bot. the first input will ask for store no - enter 140 second will ask for scale id - enter 5 . and third input will ask for department - enter Bakery which will be unchecked . and after 3 rd input dialog box .the service area box should check the bakery check box and uncheck the previous check box. but now i am getting the error at click image activity with error mentioned below.


and the area where i need to check the input of inputdialog 3 and uncheck the previous check box .


Updated XAml file.
Swap.xaml (41.0 KB)

Kindly install windows 7 update KB2533623 this problem will get resolved buddy @shashank_dullu

for more information check here buddy Click image doesn't work - #8 by slammer
Kindly try this and let know buddy, we can still sort this out

Setup not applicable to my computer. :disappointed:

Even tried in google for the same error but no resolution