Check Box selection

Simple buddy @shashank_dullu

  1. once you get the text as input assign that to a variable named in_text
  2. you can use find text position activity by passing the above variable in_text and select the Service Area(s) tab as selector element and get the output as uielement type with variable named out_element
  3. now use a anchor base activity where on left side use find element activity and on left side use click image activity
  4. in find element activity, pass the input as out_element to element property and dont use selector to highlight the element, (only element in property with value out_element)
  5. in Click image activity , scrape the check box image or if its possible you can even use click element and choose that as element buddy

Thats all you are done

Cheers @shashank_dullu
Kindly try this and let know buddy

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Hi @shashank_dullu,

First identify the check box whether it is checked or unchecked , Then you can direct as per result

Did that work for your scenario buddy @shashank_dullu

If you need to read the checkbox, you need to use Get Attributes activity.


I have created all teh steps provided by you but while executing the second step getting error shown below.

selector is second step is
html app=‘chrome.exe’ htmlwindowname=‘scalemaintenance’ title=‘Scale Maintenance’ />
<webctrl parentid=‘ctl00_main_cboServiceAreas_ListBoxSelectItems’ tag=‘DIV’

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Try it in IE browser buddy @shashank_dullu
we have an issue with this in chrome as per this

Try this and let know buddy @shashank_dullu

Did that work in IE buddy @shashank_dullu

Nope got some error while login into the application .

Message: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:
webctrl id=‘txtUserSignon’ tag=‘INPUT’ name=‘txtUserSignon’ type=‘text’

Exception Type: UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException

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Buddy @shashank_dullu
Kindly make changes with all the full selector in app attribute because previously we were using chrome and now we are using IE so kindly check whether all the full selectors are changed with IE as well, now the issue with find text position is clear, it is something different only with application, kindly check that and make changes in the selector buddy.

BUDDY @shashank_dullu
as you can see here
webctrl id=‘txtUserSignon’ tag=‘INPUT’ name=‘txtUserSignon’ type=‘text’
it seem like some error with sign in credential details input, kindly check with browser used and also make changes with click or type into activity with the selectors as well buddy @shashank_dullu

Try and let know buddy, you were almost done, let sort this out

Any issues still buddy @shashank_dullu

Sorry buddy there is some other issues as it is not working for IE.After changing the selector.

no worries buddy were you able to select the text as element in chrome buddy

if so we can use find element instead of find text position, and pass the variable to selector for the attribute that indicates the text we were searching say for example if aaname attribute denotes the text we want to search replace the value of that attribute with variable like this
aaname = ’ "+ variablename + " ’
in the selector buddy that would work for sure if we are able to select the element individually

Try this and let know buddy
Cheers @shashank_dullu

@Palaniyappan - Buddy is there a way in which I can share my Sequence and you can see as it seems I am going to a wrong direction.

Yes buddy kindly send the xaml buddy @shashank_dullu

@Palaniyappan - Buddy please find the attached below .let me know if you require the flow as well .
Swap.xaml (43.1 KB)

@Palaniyappan - buddy try this one . this will take to directly to that part where I am facing the problem.
Swap.xaml (43.8 KB)

Buddy it was due to this message box

and message box can get only string type of input were the one you gave is of type uielement buddy
so remove that message box and execute it buddy
Try and let know whether this works or not buddy

I could not see that error at my end

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No worries buddy,
Then may i know what was the error you were facing with the workflow buddy

So when I run the XAMl file .
At the message box(Outelement) it will display some value i need to check value in the service area box and check that check box and uncheck the previous checked box.

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