Check box not working after some time

I have 1000 record in .I am inserting data in website.Almost 150 records its work fine.but after this not able to click.I used anchor activity as mention in attachment its works almost 150 records and I also try check activity but this not work even single record.
When my system locked it insert some data after that check not work if I unlocked my system its work fine.As mention in attachment.

hi @Aditya10989,

If First 150 records are processing fine , then there seems no issues with the selector.

Can we try the following :

For the Records which are breaking - We kill Browser- Restart application and then again process the same record . if it still breaks mark the record as exception and proceed ahead. Basically we can use Queue.


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@Aditya10989 - did you try “SendWindowMessages” or “SimulateClick”?
This in the “Click” activity’s properties.


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yes but not work

Can you compare the selectors - when it is a fresh start with when the bot stops processing?
Don’t close the browser or application when the bot stops processing. Stop the bot and then use UiExplorer to get selectors at that point.
Check if the selectors change - there could be an IDX selector which might be troublesome.


both the selector same.Actually I faced this issue when my system locked.when I unlocked it work as excpected


Check: Uipath orchestratror problems