Check box is not taking effect if bot checks the same in Oracle BES application

Hi All

We have a check box in Oracle EBS, bot checks the same but it doesn’t give desired result. If the same check box we select manually it gives the desired result.

How can we resolve this issue ?

@Palaniyappan @lakshman @supermanPunch Could you please help on this ?

Hi All

It is Oracle EBS application, not BES.

Hi @kkpatel ,

In these cases we would have to Perform Multiple Testing scenarios, in order to confirm if it is the fault from the Application side or the UiPath Click itself is not working as expected.

However, we could start with the Step By Step Debug and Check at the point where it is Supposed to Click on the Checkbox and then see if the result is as required.

Also, We would like to get a view on the Properties of the Click or Check Activity that is being used.

Actually when we manually select the check box and click on the Find button it fetches a list of records but when Bot selects the check box and clicks on the Find button it shows no records found.


Give some delay in between a selecting checkbox and Clicking Find button and then check it once.

tried it but no luck.


It’s weird. If it is working manually then same should work with UiPath too. Are you sure Bot is selecting the right checkbox ?

Run the process in Debug mode and put breakpoint at selecting checkbox and then check next steps properly.