Check box in PDF file with multiple pages

I have one PDF file and with some check boxes/radio buttons under multiple sections/pages as shown in the pdf attached. but I need to know the list of check boxes checked under “Aard van de activiteiten” section as shown in screenshot 1 and fill the excel accordingly(fill YES if checked and fill No if unchecked) in excel as shown in screenshot 2

6e6fbfHoofdentiteit;Groepshoofd_264734 kopie.pdf (48.2 KB).

Screenshot1- INPUT:

Screenshot 2–OUTPUT:

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Instead of the Read PDF Text, you could open the file using the “Start Process” activity and then try to use the “get text” in the check box for each check box.


Please try with OCR engine (Read PDF with OCR), defiantly you could analysis the character (for checked/unchecked box).

Probably you would get - for Checked box - El, U, D

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