Check box activity issue in RDA


I am facing small issue when I am Login in to oracle application a pop was rising to check the check box I Couldnt able to check that box automatically i tried also "Click activity " & "Check " activity can u please help it


Hi @Siva123,

As it is a pop up, you need to place the click activity within the attach browser activity. I hope you are missing that. Can you try that?

Use attach window and use click activity or try set focus and send hotkeys

Hi HareeshMR

I tried it Its Not working bro can u suggest any alternative activity


Hi Dev

We tried it its not working bro can u Suggest any alternative activity


Hi Siva ,

Is that windows application? and also check the focus in the popup and try to send hotkey

Hi @HareeshMR

Try to use the click or check activity outside the Attach Browser activity scope and also use the full selector the for the check box.

Can you attach the workflow? @Siva123