Check availability of robots to launch Start Job activite


Soon we will make a process takeoff. For this we have sized a robot park with 6 BOTS.

The fact is that these processes can not be scheduled since they are processes that are executed on demand to process customer registrations from physical stores.

The architecture of the process consists of an HTTP Request that is constantly consulting an API in which if it finds processes to be submitted, they will launch a Start Job that will invoke the process.

My question is if there is a case where all the robots are busy and the HTTP Request finds another process to robotize it will end up queuing and wait for some robot to be free or will conflict?

Currently when doing tests we are finding this error:

“message”: “Start Job: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Conflict’”

How could this situation be controlled? Is there any way to check the availability of the robots and depending on that launch the process or put it on hold?

Thank you,

a greeting

You can query the jobs endpoint of the Orchestrator api to view all jobs. If you filter by state=‘Running’ and process=‘new process name’ you should be able to see which robots are currently running this process. Then you can issue the start command with the robots who are not actively running.

The jobs endpoint info can be found here:!/Jobs/Jobs_GetJobs