Check authorized email sender in DL

Hello ,

I need to check whether the email sender is authorized (Check the sender email Id in DL) or not .
can anyone suggest how we can achieve this.
Thanks in advance.

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Akanksha Patil

Buddy @AkankshaP

  1. use get outlook mail activity and the output variable of list(mailmessages)
  2. use a for each loop activity with input from get outlook mail activity output variable and change the type argument in for each loop as mailmessage
  3. now you can get the mail sender by using an assign activity like
    outmail_sender = row.Sender.ToString

Then with that variable you can check with what so ever condition you have buddy

Hope this would help you


Hello Palaniyappan ,

Thanks for your reply , but I need to check whether the Sender’s email Id is there in the particular DL or not.

What is that DL buddy i didn’t get that

Contact Group or Distribution list. (List of email ID’s)

Do you have that list as separate input, i hope we dont have option to read the contact list here in uipath mail activities…


No … I don’t have that list as a separate input , as the list gets updated frequently. I need to check directly from the Contact Group.

Hi is there a solution found?