Check App State Target Options are not available in properties

Hi, I am trying to use the modern activities to design a reliable bot to navigate the web. I want to use the newer Check App State activity to check if an element is visible on screen (if the element exists).

According to the documentation Check App State ( : "Target.Check element visibility - A drop-down which enables you to choose whether to check if the UI element is visible or not. There are several options for checking visibility:

  • Interactive - checks if the element is potentially visible, ignoring page scroll and obstructions by other apps, or the fact that the application is minimized. This check is useful when trying to ensure that you are not targeting invisible elements that exist in the DOM but are hidden.
  • Visible - verifies if the element is actually present on screen, rendered, and unobstructed.
  • Legacy - the legacy method used for checking visibility.
  • None - The visibility of the element is not checked."

The issue is this drop down menu is not appearing in the properties pane for me. I am using version 2021.10.3 and the project has the modern design experience enabled.

Is there something I’m missing here or is this a bug?


Hey @c_c_c123

You can use Check Visibility under the options section…

Hope this helps.



Click on plus symbol in Target property

And under that Check element visibility will be there

Before indicating on screen the application you want to automate, this field is set to (null) . Once the target is indicated, all properties regarding the element that was indicated are displayed.

So ensure that you indicate the element and looking for property panel

Cheers @c_c_c123

I understand that the Check visibility option is just another check that ensures the element is visible on the screen, it doesn’t function in the same way as the classic activity Element Exists.

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks for your reply. This is how I expect the activity to behave but these options are not appearing in the properties pane for me, even after indicating a target in a number of different ways (i.e. using different selector types, with and without anchors, with different options enabled and disabled).
I have attached a screenshot below.