Check app state not working as expected


I’m currently creating a workflow using a desktop application, but I’m encountering an issue where it consistently returns the output as ‘True’ regardless of whether the element appears or not. However, when I tested the same workflow on a browser, it worked perfectly fine.

Hi @Priya_Rajput

Instead of using Check app state activity, use the Element exist activity.

It was also work same as Check app state.

Hope it helps!!

If you want to use only Check app state activity.

When indicating the element on the desktop application, there is selector option window in that check the Strict selector and uncheck the fuzzy and image.

Hope you understand!!

Thank you for the solution I will try these and get back.

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Hi @Priya_Rajput

Please validate your selector is fine-tuned, some cases even if the elements disappears the selector will be available. Or try to change your selector to map another element that you can set the property from to appear to disappear


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