Check App State not waiting for the timeout period


I want the check app state to wait for a at least 99999 secs until an operation is completed. But its not responding to the timeout period.

After the operation is complete… there will be a success or failure message…

What can i do?

I saw the logs, they dont make sense or highlight any problem.

can you post screenshot of your checkappstate activity here

The Image above takes some time to appear… and i want to wait until it does…

nothing has helped so far

did you tick check visibility?

and also enforce element visibility in the selector

No I did not… coz I had checked other options… like

and wait for page to load: Complete

please try tick check visibility and see if it works…

I tried enforce visibility… but then it stopped recognizing the target… it began showing the target in red… so I couldnt use it

please try tick check visibility and see if it works…


@advanced can someone help

so i connected with some people from the UIpath team yesterday and got this issue resolved. Thank you to them for taking the time.

there was some strangeness in how my dialog box was being rendered so in such case it is advisable narrow down to select the target as something you want to interact with so you can be 100% sure its present on screen. I’m putting this in my words above.

What finally worked was choosing the target as the click button and the message text as anchor in the final dialog box.
Previously I had selected the whole dialog box as the target but because of how it was rendered UiPath was misunderstanding if it was rendered on the screen or not.
I had tried all options (visible, interactive, etc) but nothing worked.
So if you’re facing this problem, consider changing the target and anchor.
Thank you Bogdan Stefan and @loginerror

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