Check all boxes in the web page


I need to check one by one all boxes called “Merge” in this web page and I don’t know how to do it.

Can you please help me with this operation?

Many thanks!!

Hi ,

step 1 : Assign MergeLoopFlag =True
Step 2 : while MergeLoopFlag =True then if exist Merge Checkbox Click else break

Note : have counter in mergenin properties(idx =counter)


Welcome to uipath forum

Hope these steps would help you resolve this issue

—first use a CHECK activity and Indira’s care merge checkbox as a element
—in that same check activity click on edit selector and see whether it has included attribute “Id” in it
If not add that attribute to the selector

—once after adding that attribute right click I’d value and click create a variable named idvalue

—then save it and click on

—now after to this CHECK activity use a assign activity like this
idvalue = “1”

Mention as 1 if the id value is 1 in the selector or mention as 0 or the mention the number as you saw for the first merge check box

—now use a assign activity like this

Boolexists = True

—then use a WHILE activity and and mention the above Boolean variable in conditon property

—inside the loop use a ELEMENT EXISTS and use the same selector as you had in CHECK activity
And get the output as boolcheck

—now use a IF condition and mention as boolcheck = True

—if true it will go to THEN PARR where copy and paste the same CHECK activity as above and delete the first used check activity (I suggested to create first to get the selector with variable)

—if false in ELSE Part mention a assign activity like this

Boolexists = False

—next to the if conditon inside the while loop use a assign activity like this
idvalue = idvalue + 1

Cheers @marzia_cococcioni

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you can try Data scrapping option to get the total header count or get the check box count then you can run the loop on that extracted data table and also you will get the merge’s element selector.
so you can differentiate the first merge selector between other merge selector and play with selectors to select all merge radio button.


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