Check Activity Not Working Before Manual Click

I have run into the issue of a check activity not working when I run it at the start of my robot. I found when I open the pdf form that I am working on, the check activities will only check the box if I have previous clicked on it manually. So when the form is opened, if the “no” box is checked, I cannot get the bot to check off the “yes” box until I click it before hand. These are also click boxes that cannot be unselected by clicking the currently selected option, which means in order to change my option I must select the other one. When I try to test the activity, it does not throw an error either and just finishes as though it filled in the box. Any help on this is appreciated.

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Are you using Click or Check Activity?

Currently using check activity, but I have used click in the past and found it was not consistent within the pdf and would miss-click often.

Okay and do you check whether the “No” Checkbox has been checked already in your workflow? IIf so, how? And what do you need to click? Do you have to click the pdf to b"activate" it or do you have to click the checkbox itself?

The checkboxes (as there is a no box and a yes box) will start blank as a fresh pdf is created every time the bot is run. The box it checks is dependent on a value stored in my DB, which it is running the right activity so that is not the issue. I have to click the box itself, the pdf is in the fore ground whenever I run it. I found the only way to make sure that the checks work properly is when I manually click each box in the pdf after opening, then they are functioning as expected. If I close the pdf they reset and become unactive until I manually click them again

I will attach the link to the pdf that I am trying to fill if that adds more context to the specific issue I am having.

Also I should note that if I click the “no” box, the “yes” box becomes functional as well. But if I close the pdf after doing those clicks, it will reset again.

Cannot open the pdf unfortunately. Only idea I have is finetuning the selctor then and trying to validate and repair with the UiExplorer…

Sorry for not helping though

Ya with these pdfs they only open in adobe reader or a similar product, I have tried the selectors with no success unfortunately. But I believe the checks are less important than I originally thought as they do not have to be inputted to input the fields they effect (i.e. the yes box does not have to be checked for the text to be inputted), so I should be able to just do a check or click and if it misses, it misses. Thanks for trying!

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