Check a Email Attachment against an Excel list, use data from Excel file to rename attachment and save

I am having an issue with my below flowchart, Basically I am trying to check an outlook inbox for new emails, for each new email check the sender address against an excel file, return a “file name” (i.e. “Company Name I.” )variable dependant on who has sent the email, then save the attachment with the “file name” + the attachment name (i.e. “Company Name I. 123456”). I can get it to check each of the senders addresses against my excel file, and then save the file.

However it is not working correctly, as for example, if there are 3 emails unread it is trying to save all 3 of them each time with all 3 Company names rather than dealing with each email and attachment separately.
Read Email And Save.pdf (422.4 KB)

1st Get Row item - Column A on Excel
2nd Get Row item - Column B on Excel
Write Cell - Trying to paste the email sender into the whole of column C
3rd Get Row item - Column C on Excel

Then comparing Colm A (ESender) to Colm C (Sender1) and returning a useable variable from Colm B (EFilename) to be used in new filename plus the original file name…

I’m hoping I just have misplaced one of the for eachs, but going around in circles a little bit now…

Any Help would be very welcomed