Chech if right value from drop down list

I have tried use Get attirbute activity to get the value from drop down list. But I got that attribute is not supported by the current UINode.

Do you what I can use instead or what I´m doing wrong?



If you are trying to verify selected value from dropdown is correct or not, then try ‘Get Text’ Activity

I got “systemdatarow” with get text activity…

we got many ways to validate them like first we can get the values from those DROP DOWN LIST using

and check for the element or the keyword we want is there in the dropdown list or not

Cheers @Didem

ok, so I need to check every value in drop down list?

I use type into with the value I need. But need to chech if it is actually the value I typed in that I found in the list…

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Yah even you can pass the same input that you mention in the type into activity, here in the SELECT ITEM activity as well

Cheers @Didem