Chatbot Service Whitelist Additional IPs

As per Chatbot prerequisites, it is mandatory to whitelist services "" and "" need to be allowed in the environment (IPs: and Even though, Chatbot services cannot be accessed without also whitelisting the following IPs: and Why does this happen?

On investigation, it is found that, and are listed as outbound IPs.

Regardless of the number of scaled-out instances, each app has a set number of outbound IP addresses at any given time. Any outbound connection from the App Service app, such as to a back-end database, uses one of the outbound IP addresses as the origin IP address. It is not possible to know beforehand which IP address a given app instance will use to make the outbound connection, so the back-end service must open its firewall to all the outbound IP addresses of your app.

The set of outbound IP addresses for the app changes when the app is scaled between the lower tiers (Basic, Standard, and Premium) and the Premium V2 tier.

Find the set of all possible outbound IP addresses your app can use, regardless of pricing tiers, by looking for the possibleOutboundIpAddresses property or in the Additional Outbound IP Addresses field in the Properties blade in the Azure portal." For more details, see Find outbound IPs.

Outbound IP is the possible IP addresses the app may have, and it will not change until the UiPath changes tier. There is some tier change recently on UiPath side, so that might explain the IP out of date issue.