Chatbot connector

What is advantages of connecting a chatbot with uipath?

will this help

@mayak91kl - here’s a few advantages of connecting chatbots with UiPath:

  • End-to-end automation:
    With NLP-based chatbots, chatbots are now able to understand customer requests expressed in natural language. However, taking action for the user across line of business applications remains challenging as most chatbots only allow for API-based fulfilment.
    The chatbot connector enables you to connect NLP chatbots to UiPath RPA for fulfilment across all line of business apps

  • Relaxed time constraints for fulfilment:
    Several chatbot providers have timeouts ranging from 5 - 15s for fulfilment (which is API based). Depending on the complexity of your UI automation, your process might take longer. With the bot connector, we allow for processes to take up to 3 min to run to completion

  • No-code configuration:
    Integrating chatbots with fulfilment usually requires writing code. With the chatbot connector, we provide a no-code, point and click configuration experience to help you map intents in your NLP based chatbot to a process in UiPath, and pass information between the chatbot (messages) and the process (inputs/outputs)