Chatbot connector - Now in Public Preview!

@ashishsinha1504 - That is very strange. If you do come across the issue again, try and reproduce the issue and share the connection URL with me, along with how you logged into the chatbot service (using Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, or email and password) so we can debug.

On your scenario, you can pass the job name as a parameter of type sys.any. You’ll need to make sure to provide enough training phrases so the entity (job name) is extracted correctly :slight_smile:

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@ashishsinha1504 - To get the URL of the connection, navigate to the Build, Map or Launch tab of a connection and copy the URL from the address bar in your browser

@Karan I use gmail account to login to chatbot. Here is the URL

Tried this new feature and it’s working fine.
Thanks for this update, it was really needed.

Suruchi K

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@ashishsinha1504 - Thank you for the URL. We’ll start investigating this issue, and will reach out to you if we have any further questions :slight_smile:

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@ashishsinha1504 - Can you try logging in with the google account that was causing the issue using Chrome in incognito mode and see if you still run into the issue?
If you do, can you please open the Chrome developer tools in (F12 on your keyboard), click on the ‘Console’ tab in it and share any text that’s highlighted in red?

@suruchi120294 - Glad to hear it’s working for you! Please let me know of any feedback, questions and ideas you might have!

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@Mod0091 - As promised, I’ve posted a chatbot sample for retail that contains a Dialogflow NLP Agent, UiPath processes and sample data.
This sample contains three use cases ranging from simple to sophisticated and demonstrates basic information retrieval using RPA, conditionally responding to the user, and tracking information between process runs using queues


Hi, I am not getting the connect option even after hiding the toolbar

kindly let me know

I am not getting the connect option even after hiding the toolbar

kindly help!

HI @sanikadhar4

Try zooming out a bit from the screen and see whether it shows?
Sometimes I faced this issue when I’m using smaller screens

As i am creating an agent its getting cancelled , what should I do

hi @sanikadhar4, did you put a space while writing agent name, if yes, please avoid that


Nived N

No I didn’t