Chatbot connector - Now in Public Preview!

Natural Language Processing (NLP) in its current state enables the creation of chatbots that can identify intent from a users message, even when expressed in ways that are not predefined.
While chatbots have gotten better and understanding end-user requests, fulfilling these requests (which often requires accessing multiple systems, some of which do not have APIs) continues to be a challenge.

Introducing the UiPath Chatbot Connector

The UiPath chatbot connector provides a no-code configuration experience to map intents to processes in UiPath Orchestrator, enabling you to automate fulfilment of customer requests

In this version of the preview, map intents from NLP agents defined in Google Dialogflow to processes in UiPath Cloud Orchestrator to automate fulfilment. Make your chatbots available internally, and outside of your organization via the out-of-box Slack and Web channels

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Check out the chatbot connector user guide
Learn of the features available in the preview, and how to use them.

Watch a demo
Prefer watching a video instead? Check out the video below for a brief overview of the features in the preview and a demo of the kinds of use cases you can build with it

Try a sample
Get a head start on your very own chatbot with the Chatbot sample for retail

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Awesome, this was much needed, excellent will try for sure! :blue_heart:


woww… good to see a chatbox handling a real-time customer inquiry addressed with a mapped process workflow integration…!!


awesome! :clap: Is there any tutorial with a simple use case where one can build its first chatbot? Would be highly appreciated :smiley: !!


@Mod0091 will be publishing one shortly :slight_smile:
I will share the link here

Was waiting for our guys to get this on to public preview :smiley:


hi guys

As I promised, the step by step video and a technical article is published and ready for you guys to go through…

Find the info in the below post



wow, awesome! thank you very much @Lahiru.Fernando :smiley:

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This is fantastic! Great article and video :clap:


That’s great feedback, I’ll post some simple use cases along with samples to accelerate getting started :rocket:


And I have a demo for it


endless opportunities to scale

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Informative piece of article and video. Great work @Lahiru.Fernando :smiley:


Playlist of complete tutorials


Thanks for sharing @Lahiru.Fernando

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@Karan @Lahiru.Fernando

Hi Guys, I am facing a very weird issue. I go to uipath chatbot connector make the connection run the bot works fine. I logout of refresh the page, all the connections go away. So i have to redo the connection part again. Could you please help me on this.
Thanks in advance

@ashishsinha1504 - As connections are maintained per user, can you confirm that the account you’re using to log back into the chatbot service is the same as the one you used to create the connection?

Yes @Karan…it’s the same account. It’s happening even when I am refreshing the page .

@ashishsinha1504 - sorry to hear that you’re running into this issue. To help us identify the root cause, once you create a connection, could you please share its URL with me (before it disappears once you refresh the page)?

Hi @Karan. Where can i find the URL of the connection.

Hi @Karan. I tried to use a different account to connect to chatbot uipath connector and when i logout or refreshes the page the connection is still present. Very weird.

I have a question. In the demo video i see that you have given some input values for ordering the type of earphones and the quantity. So did you have to create a entity with the 4 earphone names that you show us in video or the is it dynamic. I mean like suppose i have a request from my IT teamthat we need to run a particular SQL job whichI may have 1000+ of them. So can we give the job name as dynamic parameter and pass it into uipath to run that job.

Thanks in advance