Character limit in "Get from Clipboard" functionality?

For a project we copy all text on a webpage with “control -A” “control -C” keys, after this we do a “get from clipboard”.

After some changes on the webpage yesterday which added a lot of “useless characters” I’m not able to get to the text I need because there are almost 20.000 useless characters before the text that I need.

The Output goes to a “text” variable and after we call “text” and try to find the values we need with a regular expression.

So my question is, does anyone know if there is a character limit in “get from clipboard” ?

and if that is true, how can I drop the first let’s say 15.000 characters from the copied data in the “text” variable. Must be some way to manipulate the data with a string?

Check the below link to increase the clipboard size.