Chapter 3 Video 2 Start Using - not connecting to content error

Chapter 3 Video 2 Start Using, is not connecting to the content to play.
Where else can we find this video?
Could you provide us with another link?

I hope we don’t get that videos in any other website @Lara1. Please try logging of and then logging into the academy :slight_smile:

Else try changing the browser once

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I do not understand your response. Please be advised that the video playback has a problem - something to do with Camtasia.

Try logging into academy website in another browser

I am also having this issue. I have tried logging out of the Academy and back in, and tried this on a number of different browsers on Windows 10 and even on some browsers under Android on a tablet device but do not seem to be able to play - Video 2: START USING

This is the exact error being displayed:

We’re sorry, but we are unable to connect to this content.
Please try refreshing the page or click here for more help.

Did this issue get resolved, can you provide any other advice?