Changing Variable Value in Checkbox Selector

Hello everyone! I am new to UiPath.

I am working on a project which will allow me to check a box in a website (which has a Row ID), print it and then move on to the next checkbox.

However, I do not know how to change the Row ID and assigning Variable values to them has so far failed.

May I know if any of the users here can enlighten me in this?

Below is the screenshot on it.

I would like to change the tableRow value.

Thank you!

Check the following post


Thank you Joska. I will give it a try tomorrow!

Hi Joska, I tried to right click the value I want to set as variable today and it doesnt work. Nothing happens. I guess I do not have the updated version. Is there another way of doing it?

You could always use a string variable to build your “dynamic” selector.

SelectorVariable = “static part of selector…tableRow=’” + cstr(RowIndex) + “’ rest of the selector”