Changing the queue status


I was running the bot and in middle system exception was happened and bot closes the application and reopened and again adding data to queue. already previous data was there in queue and adding new data to queue…!!

how can i change the status of queue if system exception was happened in between…??



If you are using Re-Framework, then keep the Add to Queue in the First Run


So, that will load only on the first run

Hope this will help you


Hi @Rishik_Chowdary

Also you can add like this

After adding to the queue move the input file to another folder

If you need to change the status you can use get transaction item and set transaction status to change the status (in the seperate flow)


Thanks for reply…!!

But my bot has to download the excel and add the data to queue and it has to run for every 1hour…!!

At 2PM it has downloaded and added to queues and bot was stopped with system exception and for next 3PM run… it will again add data in to queues…!!

I dont Want 2PM Data in queue as NEW Status if 3PM bot was running.


You can lookup the queue, and then list the transaction items (the 2pm ones)
Select them and delete them. They’ll remail in the queue and get status deleted, no longer being in line to be executed.

Alternatively you can delete the queue and rebuild the queue. This will delete all of your history though.

Preventive measures to update your workflow:

  • use unique references for adding the queue items. This will prevent duplicates to enter the queue in case of these…. accidents.
  • use proper error handler logic that allows your queue processing to coninue after a system exception.
    I recommend using REF if you don’t already. It has most mechanics in place for this.
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