Changing The Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule Value Is Not Working For Queue Triggers

How to change the queue trigger interval for pending items?

To handle queue items that cannot be processed at the moment they are enqueued, including retried items, once every 30 minutes, a check for unprocessed items is performed by default, and if the triggering condition is met, the trigger is launched once again. The "Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule" parameter is used to adjust the default 30-minute check interval.

This value is set within the "UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config" file.

However, the config is used only as the default only when the queue trigger is being created. Once the queue trigger has been created, it is no longer changed by altering the "Queue.ProcessActivationSchedule" parameter.

To change the interval for existing triggers, follow these steps:

  1. Change the config to whatever schedule required
  2. Restart IIS
  3. Delete the queue trigger and recreate it .

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