Changing remote authentication to private key from password

I have setup a Git repo for my project, and to get started I entered my credentials. Git sent me a mail telling me that passwords will be deprecated (as they should), and I should use a private key. I don’t see where I change my authentication from password to private key.

@kbak you can also use token authentication as more secure method: Managing Projects with GIT

Yup, I saw that when setting up my repo. However, as far as I can tell (and as the documentation states), this option is only available when you setup your repo. Once I have selected password, I’m stuck. It’s not possible to fix it by merely deleting my repo, so I don’t know what to do.

This seems like an oversight.

Hi @kbak

Does this help?

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Hi @kbak,

Removing your username password from windows credentials manager should do the needful here. Once you do this, UiPath will then ask for username and token which is when you will be able to switch to using token.

You can also refer below post regarding same issue which was resolved following these steps:


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